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Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 2:41PM
Living with Freaks

As I laid in bed last night about 12:30am, I reflected back on the day and realized how much church life I had witnessed and I was amazed.

I had already stayed up late until 2am the night before sitting on the front porch of a brother and sister who are facing some real uncertainty in their lives and yet are so full of peace. So I slept in a bit and got up just in time to shower and dress before the Saturday gathering of the saints. We fellowshipped over lunch for about an hour. I listened to a brother tell an emotional story about his father's recent medical situation and an incredible faith-building experience his family had while meeting with a doctor.

After lunch we began to sing praises to our God. It blessed me tremendously. I watched the children sitting together and singing, and even sometimes make the trek over to Rishi to request a song. It still amazes me that our young ones request songs like Banqueting Table and Here I Am To Worship. The singing paused briefly as a family shared in tears about the journey God is taking them through and yet how much faith and peace He has provided, even in the midst of so much uncertainty. A brother was immediately led to pray for them and some other families that are currently seeking jobs... which led to more singing.

After the meeting I spent about an hour helping an elderly brother who is an occasional acquaintance of mine restore his internet connection at home. Turns out he had a bad modem. But while I was on hold with Grande, he shared a little about his wife's Alzheimer's. I got to encourage him some and spent a little bit of time with her as well.

When I got back home both families were napping (editor's note: Greg and Vena are currently hosting Clint and Sandy in their home since Clint and Sandy just moved back to Waco). Clint and I headed out to look at a piece of property for an hour or so. And even though we are now living together, it's still fairly rare that we get a chance to talk together alone.  It wasn't world shattering, but it was good.  
He and I stopped by the store for a few things and headed home. At home we all prepared a bar-b-que feast. I think the kids were playing next door at the Taylor's home while we were cooking. The base of our meal was some smoked turkey and chicken that Ron and Janet had smoked for us the day before and brought to the meeting that morning.  

After dinner at home, we had plans to go out and spend some time with the Maderas for a bit. We had not made arrangements for Sydney so I called Thad to see if they could keep her (she's been begging to go see Alleigh and Emma). It turns out Thad and his family were enjoying the lake on the boat with Ravi and Diane's family.

Next I called Amanda.  They were at dinner at the Maddox's house, but quickly agreed to take Sydney anyways. So we dropped Sydney off with both families. We spent a couple of hours out at the Madera's. We were catching up because we hadn't spent much time with them lately, but also had specifically intended on getting some parenting advice from them as well. It was a good time and I was encouraged.

When we returned to get Sydney, the families were hanging out and the kids were playing. We ended up staying several hours enjoying the company and fellowship. We left about midnight, but Sydney had crashed sometime earlier in Mommy's lap.

We laid Sydney in her bed and went straight to bed ourselves. And as I laid in bed last night about 12:30am, I reflected back on the day and realized how much church life I had witnessed and I was amazed. I was reminded of a song that one of our sweet little ones had requested that morning.. 

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. -- Psalm 84:10


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