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Ever since I left the Hindu religion to live by the life of Jesus, I have been on a mission to understand and live out God's Eternal Purpose on this ball of dirt we call earth. This is that story...



...Thus far, it has brought me to Waco, Texas - a city of more than 100,000 people and a poverty rate above 25%. I am trying to experience churchlife with a community that right now totals about 30 adults. We exist apart from the institutional structure of the typical church - no pastor, no paid staff, no building, etc. We meet in homes, and we have been on this journey for more than 11 years...


...What is God doing? How should the local church function today? What do we do with what we see in the New Testament (particularly Acts) and life in the 21st century?


These are things I want to know. For now, I know that we are to:

  1. know God
  2. know Him through one another...in community.