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A few questions and a few answers...

Why are you creating this blog?

I've been interested in blogging for some time now. A friend of mine has had a few blogs, and they have all intrigued me. So, part of the inspiration came from seeing what he did through his blogs...the thoughts provoked and the conversations stirred.

I've also been touched by other blogs from freaks I live with or from people who are trying to open people's eyes to God's Purpose on earth. All of these blogs have unique purposes, and all of them are important.

As my friend recently pointed out to me when I brought up this idea, I tend to sort out my thoughts through writing. I love journaling, but each journal has to have a specific purpose. I have thought about blogging for some time, but I never felt like I had found the specific purpose I needed. That is, until now.

I have read several blogs about God, and several about His Purpose with man. But I have never read a blog that took me through a churchlife experiment. I have literally traveled this nation visiting churches that meet outside of the traditional framework and that are Christ-centered. Even in visiting, though, it's been hard to gain a sense of what life is like, day-to-day. From time to time, I have written down the story of my church journey in a word document, not really being sure why I was doing it.

So consider this a case study, if you will, on one person's view of what life is like trying to be part of a local church meeting in homes.

Why is it called Living with Freaks?

Have you ever tried living with people in authentic community?!? I once heard someone say that, after trying to live with others in community, he realized he must have accidentally chosen the craziest group of nutjobs possible. He later realized that everyone is normal until you get to know them. The truth is, we are all basketcases. We are fallen people with weird perspectives, desires, and personalities. That is part of the reason why this is called Living with Freaks...

...The other reason for the title has to do with the definition of the word, freak. I am living with people who have given up the American dream (or are trying to give it up) in order to follow Jesus. These are people who love Jesus and have opened up (or are trying to open up) their lives to one another. By American standards, the things these people are doing are not very rational, normal, etc. What could be more freakish than that?